You sold a starter kit. Now what?

Congrats, you just earned your first paycheck with Young Living! What does this mean? What should you do next? Keep reading for all the answers!

First things first, you need to decide whether or not to stack this new member.

  • You can stack via Live Help within the first 5 days of the new member joining Young Living.

  • Or, you can stack via email within the first 30 days of the new member joining Young Living.

  • Check out our Stacking FAQ and talk with a team leader so that you can make an educated decision on whether to stack and where to stack.

Secondly, what you'll find here are suggestions, you can follow these guidelines or you can make up your own!

  1. Reach out to your new member via text, email, handwritten note, or in person to say "THANK YOU for joining me on this journey!"

  2. Find/follow this person on social media (if you don't already!)

  3. Connect your new member with resources to help him/her get started. Resources can be anything:

  • Facebook groups (The Happy Oilers, Happy Oiler Wellness, The Refinery, The Pineapple Lounge are just a few of our favorites);

  • to a welcome packet (we'll talk more about this in a moment);

  • to gifting your new member some goodies (rollers, a sample of your favorite oil, diffuser jewelry, etc.);

  • or sending your new member a link to your favorite oily resource (whether that's a book, website, or social media account).​

4. If you offered an incentive, be sure to follow-up quickly and get the cash back or product/incentive into your new member's hands ASAP.

5. Grab your planner or calendar and make a note to follow-up with your new member in a week or so to see if he/she received their order. This is a great time to let them know about this website, the Facebook groups that are available and how to access those groups. 

6. Mark your planner or calendar to follow-up again in 3 weeks. Ask which oils they are using and loving, ask if there is an oil they haven't found a use for and then give them an idea of how to use it. This is a great time to let them know about ER, and also to let them know about the business side of oils. Mind Your Biz and The Pineapple Lounge Leaders group are two great resources where they can read about the business side without any pressure or commitment.​

Lastly, keep using, loving, and sharing your oils with others: in person and through social media, because this is the key to growing your Young Living business.