Stacking is slang for “restructuring your team” and it’s a term that our team (rather than Young Living as a whole) uses.


  • Stacking is a way to strategically structure your team for success.

  • Stacking helps you to hit ranks faster.

  • Stacking allows you to create legs (or teams within your team). This is helpful because you can choose to keep people together (from the same family or same geographic area) or you can choose to mix it up (putting different groups of people together to create a diversified team.)


When you enroll a new member, you will need to decide whether to keep that person as your Level 1/Leg Leader or whether to stack* them somewhere within your organization.


*The Stacking Struggle is REAL. It takes a while to feel comfortable making stacking decisions and I’m here to tell you that YOU WILL MAKE STACKING MISTAKES. It happens. And it’s going to feel terrible, you’re going to want to kick yourself, but IT WILL BE OK. I promise.

You can and should talk to me or to the person who enrolled you so that we can help you develop a strategy for stacking your team members.

  • You can stack a new member ONE TIME ONLY and you can do this via live chat or email.

  • You may stack someone via live chat within the first 5 days of that person’s membership.

  • You may stack someone via email at, but you need to do this within their first 30 days of membership.


Your email to Resolutions should read: “Hi my name is Rachel Langan, member #1234567 and my pin is #1234. I would like to restructure my organization. I would like to remain the enroller for Kate James #1234567 and I would like to change her sponsor to Jennifer Smith #7654321. Thank you.”


As my good friend Kelly Cogill says, "Stacking is part strategy, part luck, and a whole lotta Jesus! Sometimes you will know right away where you want to stack someone, and sometimes you’ll have no clue. Reach out to me or another leader and we’ll talk you through it.


Good luck and happy stacking!