Rachelle Fortin

Senior Star Leader

Hi, my name is Rachelle, I enjoy spending time with family, friends and my dog, Moxie. I love running, oils and wellness, animals, taking pictures of nature, traveling, and I’m also a creative Graphic Designer. I bought my premium starter kit of oils in November of 2017, but was feeling a little overwhelmed by all the oils (this is normal!) so I didn’t actually start using the oils until February. I was   was training for a Disney marathon, and I was trying figure out why my tibia was bothering me. I started seeing a nutritionist, and I began rolling PanAway and Peppermint oils over my tibia, and I started to feel better. However, my tibia flared-up again months later, when I was training for the Vegas Marathon. I was so upset because I didn't want to give up on training, so I added Deep Relief to my training routine. I never used any over the counter meds, because I wanted to support my body naturally. It worked! I’m still running marathons all these years later. Oils have helped me so much with my running and nutrition--I love Young Living and all they have to offer--and I love sharing my love for health and wellness with my friends and family!