Lindsay Hall

Silver Leader

Hi friends! My name is Lindsay Hall. I live in the great town of West Chester, PA with my husband, Wil, and two kiddos (Millie, 3 and our baby, Tripp). My husband and I both work in youth ministry, which I would say is our biggest passion first and foremost. Our desire is to impact and empower families and communities, and it has been sweet to see how Young Living also fits into that. I grabbed my starter kit from Rachel Langan during the Fall of 2017 after my husband broke our diffuser by pouring detergent in it (still confused about this) and hopped into the business right away. I couldn’t believe how many people didn’t have essential oils yet, and I was learning so much about positive changes I could make for our family by switching out products with harmful ingredients for safe products from Young Living. I am passionate about empowering young mamas like myself to think for themselves, to learn to ask the hard questions as the gatekeepers of their homes, as well as providing them with the tools they need to navigate motherhood. The mental load of a mother is great, and I believe that what Young Living has to offer us through essential oils, other products, the community, and the opportunity to make an income can help lessen that load.