Kelly Lyman 

Silver Leader

Kelly Lyman is a dreamer, a planner and a doer. She’s also a wife, a mom to 4 athletes, a librarian, and an author of adult historical romance (check her out on Amazon!). Her favorite mantra is: “Go after a dream that is destined to fail without divine intervention.” She loves introducing people to Young Living and living a chemical/toxin free life style. She also loves gathering with women to teach on various topics related to essential oils, and natural wellness. She never realized what she was missing until she met (and fell in love with) Peppermint essential oil. It is  her all-time favorite. Aside from Peppermint EO, she loves, loves, loves history and can usually be found daydreaming about people who lived centuries ago...that is, when she’s not taking care of (or on the sport fields with) her four kids. Traveling to Scotland, England, and Ireland are on her bucket list. Skydiving is not. She’s mildly obsessed with mint chocolate chip ice cream, drinking coffee (cream only), and thinks chips and salsa is a perfectly acceptable dinner option. Her favorite color is green and if she could, she would sit on the beach (with her Peppermint essential oil as it will cool one off!) and read all day long.