Jeannine McKnight

Silver Leader

Hello, glad you found your way here!  My name is Jeannine McKnight, I have a background in science and engineering and have three wonderful children; a teenage daughter and two tween sons.  In 2016, I confided in my friend, Rachel Langan, when I realized I had an issue that was affecting me AND my family.  She suggested that essential oils might hold the answer, and from then on, DragonTime (a Young Living proprietary blend of oils) became my "gateway" to an oily lifestyle. My knowledge of chemistry has helped me to understand why I don't want to use products with synthetic chemicals on myself or my family, so I began, one oil at a time, to replace conventional products with ones that are natural instead. I would love to discuss the science of essential oils with you, and to share the ways they have helped my family. Thanks for visiting!