Congrats on enrolling your first customer or brand partner, you are on your way to growing a business with Young Living!

How do I get paid?

  • Young Living is committed to reducing waste , which means that all the payment options are paperless!

  • You can choose to get paid by direct deposit;

  • OR you can choose a variety of options through Young Living’s Pay Portal.

  • The options available through the Pay Portal include:  virtual card, gift card, Young Living prepaid branded Visa, bank transfer, check, PayPal, and direct-to-debit transfers. Note that some of these options have fees associated with them so make sure you choose the option that fits your budget.


To setup direct deposit:

  • Login to and click on My Account, and then click on My Profile.

  • You’ll need your bank account number, as well as your bank’s routing number.

  • Enter those, and you’ll be set to get paid directly into your bank account!


To setup the Young Living Pay Portal:

Click here to access the Pay Portal and choose the option that is best for you!


When do I get paid?

  • The commission period runs from the 1st of each month through the last day of that same month. (Let’s say March 1 through 31st.)

  • Commissions will be paid the following month (April) on the 18th day of the month. (You may occasionally get paid a day or two earlier if the 18th falls on a weekend or on a national holiday.)


What about taxes?

  • If you linked your social security number during the sign-up process when you joined Young Living, then you will get a 1099 form from Young Living when you earn more than $600 annually.

  • If you did NOT link your social security number when you signed-up, then Young Living will withhold 28% of your commissions for tax purposes.

  • If you would rather have all your earnings up front, you can call Young Living at 1.800.371.3515 and give them your social security number, and you will receive a 1099 instead.


How do I know how much money I will be earning each month?

  • Check out our Bonus vs Commissions page to quickly calculate your monthly commission.

  • In order to fully understand how much you’ll be getting paid long-term, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the Compensation Plan videos . (To access the videos and links to Young Living terminology, login to the and click on Member Resources, then click or tap on Compensation Plan.)  PS: I had to watch each of these videos a few times before I was able to fully understand the structure. So if you click the link and think that it all seems like a lot . . . well that’s because it is! Trust me when I say that the Comp Plan is generous and it’s definitely worth taking time to learn about it.

  • In addition, the Young Living Insights app (it's free!) will calculate your monthly commissions for you, as well as provide you with valuable information and statistics as you run your Young Living business. 

  • Lastly, for an overview of how much you can expect to earn, see the Income Disclosure Statement