Nature's Ultra CBD

Young Living has partnered with Nature’s Ultra to formulate a high-quality CBD isolate using Smart Spectrum™ technology. 

Smart Spectrum™ technology combines Nature’s Ultra CBD with Young Living essential oils, creating a pure, potent CBD, along with all the benefits of essential oils. There is no other company in the world that uses this incredible formula!

Nature’s Ultra CBD products come in regular strength and extra-strength, enabling you to choose the product that best meets your needs.

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CBD Products


CBD Starter Kit

Starter Kits are available in regular and extra strength, making it easy for you to choose the potency that meets your needs.

CBD Calm Roll-On

The CBD Calm Roll-On will help to relax and quiet your mind, and is available in regular and extra-strength.



Nature's Ultra is Young Living's own brand of CBD, flavored with Young Living essential oils. The CBD oil is available in cinnamon, citrus, and peppermint. Available in regular and extra-strength. 

CBD Joint & Muscle Balm

The CBD Joint & Muscle Balm utilizes the hot-and-cool sensation of menthol, and pairs it with Young Living essential oils to soothe your sore and tired muscles.​​ Available in regular and extra strength.