Starter Kit Challenge

The best way to get started using your starter kit is to put your oils and diffuser in a spot where you'll see them, and then commit to using them each and every day.

Day 1 / Unbox your starter kit.

  • Lift the tray of oils out of the box.

  • Grab the ribbon and lift up, you'll find a few surprises in the bottom of the box!

  • Put your Ningxia pouches in the fridge;

  • then unbox your diffuser and find a space for it in your home.

Day 2 / Diffusing 101

  • Take the top off of your diffuser.

  • Plug the cord into the bottom (or side) of your diffuser.

  • Add some essential oils (see our favorite diffuser recipes here).

  • Fill your diffuser to the line with water.

  • Put the top back on the diffuser, plug the cord into the outlet, and enjoy!

Day 3 / Hydrate

  • Add a drop of Thieves oil to your morning coffee or tea. Not only does it taste great but it will help to boost your immune system!

  • Fill a glass with 16oz of water and add a drop of Lemon oil.

  • For a special treat, grab a packet of Ningxia out of the fridge for an afternoon energy boost!

Day 4 / Clean Your Sink

  • Add a drop or two of Citrus Fresh oil to your garbage disposal to get rid of that sour smell.

  • Kick things up a notch by making your own Sink Scrub. Mix 1c baking soda + 10 sprays of Thieves spray + 15 drops of essential oils. (We like to use Lemon, Citrus Fresh, or Thieves, or a combination of all three!) Add some water until mixture has the consistency of powdered sugar. Store in an airtight container. Sprinkle into sink, scrub to clean, then rinse with water.

Day 5 / Sleep Tight

  • Place two drops of Lavender oil in the palm of your hand. Add two drops of Peace & Calming. Rub hands together, then cup your hands near your face and inhale. Now exhale, then rub the oils on the back of your neck. Nite nite!

Day 6 / Stressed Out?

  • Stressed or nervous? Place two drops of Valor in the palm of your hand, rub hands together. Next, cup your hands near your face and inhale. (You can try this with Stress Away as well!)

  • Nervous tummy? Place a drop or two of Digize under your tongue (this will taste terrible but will work so very well!)

Day 7 / Pack Your Purse

Toss the Thieves spray and Thieves Hand Sanitizer into your purse to keep you germ-free while on the go.

Day 8 / Work It Out

  • Overworked muscles from working out? Rub a few drops of PanAway directly onto area of concern and breathe a sigh of relief.

  • Kick it up a notch by adding the metal roller ball (that came with your starter kit) to the top of the bottle of PanAway to make for easy application.

Day 9 / Diffuse Daily

Diffuse a new-to-you diffuser blend, take a photo of the oils and/or your diffuser, and post the photo to social media telling your friends why you chose this blend.

Day 10 / Glowing Skin

Add a drop of Frankincense to your moisturizer and smooth onto your skin. Frank (we're on a first name basis) is our favorite oil for skin health.

Day 11 / Raving About Raven

Did you know that your diffuser also functions as a humidifier? Add a few drops of Raven and diffuse all night to release moisture as you support your respiratory system. 

Day 12 / Peppermint Perfection

  • We love Peppermint because it is such a versatile oil!

  • Add 3-4 drops to your brownie mix for a moist, delicious, homemade-tasting treat!

  • Diffuse 3 drops Peppermint + 6 drops Stress Away to make your house smell like thin mints!

  • Forgot your toothbrush? A drop of Peppermint under your tongue will immediately freshen your breath.

  • Falling asleep during your afternoon Zoom call? Try a drop of Peppermint in your water, or place a drop in the palm of your hand, rub hands together, then cup hands near face and inhale. You'll perk right up!